Aug 26, 2011

NOTD: Lace Halloween nails

Good morning ladies! How is everyone doing today? I hope you all are excellent, myself on the other hand, I'm sick. I think I have the stomach flu or something. I can't keep anything down.
Keep me in your thought. Thank you.

Anyways, on to the nails. I've been seeing the lace nails a lot on the internet and of course, I wanted to try it! So, I went to Walmart and purchased some lace, they had white, black, purple and red. So, I got white, black and red. After I arrived home, I couldn't decide what color to use under the lace. I asked my boyfriends opinion. He suggested my green, glow in the dark zom-body to love by OPI. Zom-body to love is from the 2011 Halloween collection, it comes with a black shatter as well. The lace on top of zom-body to love would be the perfect Halloween mani! And, its super easy.

You will need:
*10 nail size lace pieces
*Any color of polish for a base under your lace
*Top coat, I used Seche Vite
*Pair of tweezers

No matter how much I tried, I couldn't get the polish to glow. But, a dear friend of mine could. Here's the link to her blog so you can see:

And here are my nails:

It is super easy to do and it only took 1 minute to apply!

Let me know if you try them.
Thank you for reading and have a grade weekend!

Spanish word of the day:
Lace = Encaje

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Aug 24, 2011

Double lightening bolt

Hello beauties!!! Today I have a sort of quick post for you. As I am typing, I am in the vehicle,where I took most of my photos and it is almost my time to drive because we are road tripping today and I must hurry and post this.

So, lastnight, I decided to try the double lightening bolt mani after I seen Rebecca at Rebeccalikesnails post a photo in a group that were in on Facebook together. So, here's my version:

Looks cool huh? It isn't very sunny so, I didn't catch the holo like I wanted.

This is what I used:
Nfu-oh aqua base
Nfu-oh 61
OPI - ink suede
Essence- Choose me

I hope you liked it!

Spanish word of the day:
Rushed - Apurada

Enjoy your day!
Thank you for reading.

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Aug 23, 2011

A gray kind of day

Hello beauties of mine!
Today is cleaning day at my house. Blahh, I know, exactly. So, I'm not very excited about sweeping and mopping and dusting and whatnot.... So, today, I decided to use a gray polish. I don't own many gray polishes because I don't think it looks right with my skin tone.
The gray I have chosen for today is China glaze pelican gray.
It is a light gray with a touch of gray shimmer, beautiful in the Sun. I was trying to decide what I was going to do to make it look better on my skin so, I found myself trying to decide between wet n wild Hannah Pinktana which is more purple than pink with lots of micro holo glitter, its so pretty and OPI I lily love you, is a hot pink jelly base with lots of flakie-ness to it. And I couldn't decide which one so, I chose both! Ha ha. Here they are:

Close up of I lily love you:

Close up of Hannah Pinktana:

Now, I'm off to clean!
You all have a great day! Thank you for reading!

Spanish word of the day:
Clean - Limpiar

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Aug 22, 2011

50 follower giveaway!

Yay! It's giveaway time!
First, I want to thank all of you all for making this possible for me! So, Thank you! I appreciate all of you!
Second, I want you to know that this is not a normal giveaway, where you fill out a form and that's it. Mine will be a Scavenger hunt giveaway. But, it is not very difficult.

The prize is-
1- Mini hit-makers Nicole by OPI The one less lonely girl collection.
1- California Mango Mend cuticle balm
1- Paul-Frank Clancys Cotton Candy lip balm
1- Zoe Travel Mirror
1- Essence Studio Nail stickers (cheetah)
(All items purchased by me)

Here are the rules:
1. You must be a follower of my blog. (New followers are always welcomed)
2. The giveaway is open to everyone! Including international followers.
3. This giveaway will end September 5th at 3pm. Any entries submitted after that time will be invalid.
4. You will have a total of 6 entries per person. And you can only enter once.
5. With your email that you submit, please include:
*your name
*your GFC name(to verify that you follow my blog) +1 entry.
*the photo of the scavenger hunt items +3 entries. (Must include all items or not valid)
*a link showing that you reblogged, Twitted, or posted on facebook about this giveaway +2 entries

Now, onto the list of items for the Scavenger Hunt!
1. Hair Brush or comb.
2. Fork plastic or metal.
3. Photo of you with a loved one.
4. A price of paper with I love Brie nails written on it.
5. Bottle of lotion.

Gather all of these items and the items from rule #5 and send it all to me, via email to brienails (at) yahoo (dot) com please include "50 follower giveaway" in the subject line. The winner will be chosen by using on September 5th and notified via email.
I hope this isn't too hard for you all to do and good luck!!!

Spanish word of the day:
Good luck - Buena Suerte
Pronunciation= Bweh-nah Swear-tay
Buena Suerte Chicas!

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