Jun 8, 2011

Night fall

Today I stepped totally out of my element and I decided to go with darker colors.... and, I did my first, semi-successful gradient! :) First, I painted my whole nail with
Finger Paints "Black Expressionism" , let it dry completely then used a cosmetic sponge to sponge on L.A. colors, color craze "bcc 558", I couldn't find a name but that is what the sticker on the bottom said... next, I used the same sponge to sponge on O.P.I Nicole in "Give me the 1st dance". I sealed it all with Sally Hansens "insta-dri anti-chip top coat".
Thanks for reading! :)

Have a great day!

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Jun 6, 2011


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Help, I can't upload a picture!
. Bare with me please.:)
Thank you for reading.
Hi! I'm Brittany but I go by Brie.:) I am very new to this so, I may ask you for help. I will try to post a new nail design daily but, I won't make any promises