Aug 5, 2011

Enamorandome de ti.

Today, my total is "Enamorandome de ti" which translates to "falling in love with you". Why? Because I'm falling in love with these polishes, I used:
Zoya- Valerie
OPI- You don't know Jacques(accent nail)
China glaze - sex on the beach (layered over you don't know Jacques)
Hard Candy- Matte-ly in love. (Accent nail)




First of all, I would have never purchased either the Zoya or the OPI if I had seen them in person.. I purchased Valerie from a blog sale, it was buy 2 get one for free and I chose this Zoya as the free one. I didn't like it but, I thought ehh...I can always sell it. You don't know Jacques was purchased from evilbay, I accidentaly placed an order for it then emailed the seller and told him that I wanted to cancel my order....he sent it anyway. I received it yesterday and I despised it. I thought, who would want this ugly brown and now, what am I going to do with it? So, I emailed the seller, again and told him that I did not want it and what I should do with it... He hasn't wrote me back so, I decided to do an accent nail with it. I thought it would look different out if the bottle. NO! I still hated it. So, I went through all of my polishes to see what I could paint over it because I felt too lazy to remove it. That's when I remembered that I had found this China glaze when I found while I was dusty hunting. It is a very old bottle. I googled its name apparently, there are 2 sex on the beaches that China glaze has made. The other one is a pinkish color. Mine is this color and has this label.


Here is the pink Sex on the beach.
Photo courtesy of
Do you see a difference or am I just crazy?

Anyways, if you know anything about this polish, I would like to know more about it. What year it was released? Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance. :)

Spanish word(s) of the day:
HTF (hard to find)
DPE (difícil para encontrar)

Have you ever ordered a polish that you didn't really like and when you swatch it or layer it, you fall in love with it like I did?

It's Friday (woohoo!) , what are your plans?
As always, I gave to work, and I think I will go dusty hunting later.

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Hello ladies, sorry I've been MIA,but, I'm back. :)
And I have an awesome, well, I think its awesome sponging gradient for you all today. :)
For this, I used:
Nubar- Prize (reddish)
OPI- DS radiance (silver)
China glaze- techno teal(tronica)
Color club- covered in diamonds (can't really see)
Nyc- French White Tip (stamping on accent nail)

I tried to catch the holo-ness but, I couldn't.

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Aug 2, 2011

Omg! 1000 followers

Traci has reached (past) 1000 followers, follow her blog.

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TraceFace giveaway

Traci is having her 900 follower giveaway.

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Polish Fixation (Giveaway)

It's her first giveaway. :) 25 follower giveaway, go enter.

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Aug 1, 2011

Splatter Mani Weekly Challenge (comparison)

Good afternoon! It's Monday and I'm feeling lazy, heck, who am I kidding, I always feel lazy. Ha ha.
Anyways, As some know, I'm in the Facebook group (face and friends) and we have a weekly mani challenge, we have a whole week to come up with a mani. 6 weekly manis are chosen by Jennifer and Ashley and posted in their blog, The Exotic Lacquer. ( I was lucky enough to win honorable mentions. :) Thank you ladies.
This weeks challenge is SPLATTER! Yay!!! Not. I tried doing the Splatter mani and it was very very unsuccessful. :( But, I sat down lastnight, determined that I would accept it anyway it came out. I've heard different things about straw size and things like that so, I decided to not only do a Splatter mani, but to do a comparison mani, using different straw sizes and different polishes.
*Supplies you will need:
-1 to 100 polishes, it depends on what look you want.
-1 drinking straw. Or coffee stir.
- News Paper.
- Old shirt. (I did somehow manage to get Splatter on my shirt).
- A pair of scissors. (To cut down the straw after every color)

Okay, so, for my manis, I used 3 different straws,
A coffee stir (small), a "margarita" straw (medium), and a large straw (restaurant size).

For my small straw mani, I used:
*OPI- Shorts Story (pink)
*Sally Hansen HD- Cyber (purple)
*Sinful Colors- Rise and Shine (teal)
*Sally Hansen HD- Hue (yellow)

For my medium straw mani, I used:
*Funky Fingers- Kingston (Orange)
*Orly- Purple Crush (pink)
*Nyc- Empire state blue (blue)


For my larger straw mani, I used:
*Orly- Iron Butterfly (matte,base)
*Milani- Hi-tech (green)
*Milani- Cyberspace ( light blue)
*China Glaze- 3D fantasy (red)
*China Glaze- High Def (darker blue)

Matte, no topcoat.

With shiny topcoat.

Do you see a difference in the splatter effect 3 manis?

Personally, I like the middle mani because of the colors, as far as actually looking like splatted paint, I'll have to go with the first one.
Which do you like best?

Spanish daily word:
Splatter = Salpicar

Thank you. :)

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