Aug 5, 2011


Hello ladies, sorry I've been MIA,but, I'm back. :)
And I have an awesome, well, I think its awesome sponging gradient for you all today. :)
For this, I used:
Nubar- Prize (reddish)
OPI- DS radiance (silver)
China glaze- techno teal(tronica)
Color club- covered in diamonds (can't really see)
Nyc- French White Tip (stamping on accent nail)

I tried to catch the holo-ness but, I couldn't.

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  1. Oh I love those little peace signs! I can't stamp to save my life!
    I like this gradient. I like the more colorful ones! Oh and I'll take your Nubar Prize off your hands if you decide you no longer like it lol j/k

  2. It's so pretty. It's my second Nubar and its so beautiful. But, if I decide to get rid of it, I will remember you. :)


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