Sep 21, 2011

20 of 31

Hello ladies!! I'm very sad to see this challenge winding down... I mean, we still have another week or so but, I'm becoming sad just thinking of this ending.
Anyways....on to the mani:

Today, we have the theme of water marbleing. I did dry marbleing but, you can do either wet or dry. You can see a small tutorial on how I did this here.
Here it is:

AND, it glows in the dark!

I really love it!

I used:
Republic Nail - Cosmos blue, Candy Pink
OPI - Zom-body to love
China Glaze - Sun Worshiper

Spanish word of the day:
Glow - Brillar

Thank you all for reading!

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  1. Yowza those look great! Totally love that you used the glow in the dark too, nice touch

  2. Thank you so much!!! I actually stole the idea from someone who is in a fb group with me. :)


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