Sep 2, 2011

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Hello lovely ladies! It's the weekend! That means...its work time for me. Yay! Not! Lol

Todays color is ORANGE. I chose Sun Worshiper by China Glaze. The only problem is that my stupid phone camera couldn't pick up the color correctly so, please, do not purchase this color based on these photos because they are HORRIBLE and I apologize. Here they are:

The color looks yellowish but its actually very bright orange.

Well, its time to get ready for work, enjoy the long weekend!

Spanish word of the day:
Orange = Naranja

Thanks your reading!

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  1. Thank you! All possible by you dear. :)

  2. Thank you Nicole. :)
    Thank you for following my blog. :)
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  3. Beautiful!!! this is the same polish I picked for day 2! its such a bright fun color!

  4. I know Caroline, great minds think alike! I've noticed that a lot of us are picking the same colors. Lol


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