Aug 9, 2011

Snake skin,my way

Hello beautiful ladies of the world. :) How is everyone doing today? I'm in a pretty good mood because, I found out that I'm going to the shooting range this weekend! Yay! I know....real country huh? Ha ha. This will be my first time shooting my gun since the mister purchased it for me. Which was in March I believe. Anywho..... I don't know if anyone has noticed but, I have acrylic fake nails. Well, I had acrylic fake nails, I took them off last night so I could use my new nail envy that I received from Jen Miller who is in the fb group face and friends with me.

See, they look gross. I has acrylic nails because my nails always peel, split and bend. I have very very weak nails. I have been taking Biotin (3tablets daily) for about a week and I hope these, along with nail envy strengthen them. My natural nails were as long as my acrylic nails and I had to cut them down. So, here are my naked nubbins. :(

On to nail art, I've been seeing the snake skin mani a lot lately and I received my bundlemonster image plates over the weekend and just had to try this mani for myself. :)
Here is my version; I used ;
China Glaze- Digital dawn (tronica)
China Glaze- Mega Bite (tronica)
OPI- You don't know Jacques (base coat)
Seche Vite Dry fast top coat
Image plate- Bm215

I tried to do kind of like mixture of color for the diamond shape.

You can kind of see the color difference but not a lot. It looks pretty cool in person and it was so easy to do! Have you tried this mani yet?

Spanish word of the day:
Snake - Culebra
Pronounced- coo-leh-brah

Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. I LOVEEEE your Spanish word of the day idea. I studied Spanish for 5 yrs, but my current college doesn't have language courses and I miss it so much :((

  2. Thank you. :) I've been learning Spanish for 7. I took classes in high school but, I really didn't learn much.
    Pero, tú puedes practicar conmigo. :)

  3. lovely outcome on your nails! I wish I was that talented, too :(

  4. Thank you. :) if it wasn't for the bundlemonster plates, I'd be lost sometimes. Lol

  5. Hey Doll! I give you an award :D

  6. Love that look but I don't think I'd want the real snake skins on my nails like some are doing.
    Brie, I tagged you for an award in my blog post.

  7. great mani!! i really want this plate sooo bad now!! check my blog for your award!!!

  8. Thank you all..:)
    For those who have given me a award, Thank you. :)


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