Jul 28, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Summer

As most know, I'm in a couple Facebook groups. This post is about the group Face and Friends. Unlike most groups, that have just 1 specific day to do the challenge, we have a whole week. Yes, a whole week! Awesome, I know. :) This will be our first challenge. The theme is Summer. When I think of summer, I think of bathing suits and bright colors, don't ask me why because I don't even wear bathing suits. Being plus size sucks where I live, there are no stores that carry plus size clothing. We don't have a grocery store, Walmart or anything. It sucks. Anyways, for the weekly challenge, I decided to do a pattern of my dream bathing suit, with all of my favorite colors. Lime green, bright pink, neon yellow, bright orange,and neon purple.

The colors I used where:
*Base:Sinful colors-Snow me white
*Black lines:Finger Paints-Black Expressionism
*Funky fingers-Torguga (green)
*Zoya- Charisma(Purple)
*Sinful Colors- Cream Pink
*Sinful Colors- Neon Melon (yellow)
*Orange- A franken that I made. :)

The lines are not perfect so, if you decide to do this, I would use tape to get straight lines. :)

Daily Spanish word:
Verano- Summer

In the summer, I love to go to the park and also go to the pool with my son and boyfriend.

What is your favorite summer activity? Who do you do it with?

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  1. Awesome mani, I love how colorful it is. :)

  2. Thank you Sandra. :)
    And thanks for following.


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