Jul 29, 2011

I love your franken mani! (Blueberry clouds) Pic heavy

Hello ladies!
Today I will be putting my spin on the ever popular Franken Friday, mine will be called, "I love your franken mani!"
I will be making a franken and doing a mani with it.
How exciting huh? I know! :)
This will be my longest post about frankening because it is my first post and I want to explain everything I did.
For those who don't know what Frankening is, its a mixture of pigments (even eyeshadow), glitters,and different polishes that you mix yourself. Like DIY with polish. It is very fun and very addictive!

My supplies today were:
*Nyc- skin tight denim creme (15 drops)
*Sally hansen Xtreme wear - Blue me away (1teaspoon)
*Love my nails Chrome - Silver bullet (1/4 teaspoon)
*Love my nails- Milky way (1/4 teaspoon)
*Daisy BBs (2)
* Empty polish bottle (I had to pour an old polish out)
* Jar to pour unwanted polish into,I use an old acetone bottle
(Never pour polish down the drain)
* Napkin, paper towel, old shirt. To protect the table you are working at and to protect your clothes.

Polishes that I used

This is what I use to pour out the polish I am not going to use.

While I was getting the rest of my supplies ready.

After adding a little bit of acetone to the bottle and shaking it up. Always remember to clean the brush and neck of the bottle. Mine was clean with only one time. You might have to clean a bottle more, or less depending in how light or lark the original polish was.

All of the polishes poured into the empty polish bottle.
This is where I add my BBs aka ballz. Then, I shake roll shake! And here is the end result.

Blueberry clouds.

Blueberry clouds swatched. I really like how it turned out.

Now, on to the mani.
*Born pretty plate m02
*Finger Paints- Black expressionism
*China Glaze- High def (Tronica)
*Nicole by OPI- Give me the last dance
* My franken- Blueberry clouds

I did a simple taped mani with a stamp going down the seam.
Be sure to press your tape against your skin to make it less sticky. Using the tape without using this method could rip off your polish.

Then, I removed the tape and stamped the flower design on it from image plate m02 using Nicole by OPI give me the last dance.

What do you think?
Thank you for reading!

Spanish daily word:
Viernes = Friday

Now, I'm off to work.
What do you usually do on fridays?

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