Jul 26, 2011

Monarch Butterfly Mani

Yesterday I was bored with the mani I had and wanted to do something bright, summer-y and have a little nail art to it. I posted on a fb group that I am in that I was drawing blanks and a couple of ladies suggested different things.
I had seen the butterfly mani but I really didn't like it. :/ I don't know why but it seemed boring to me. So, I googled "monarch butterfly manicure" and as I was going through the Google pages, I found this photo.

By Shaina at Haute Laquer
Her blog is hautelaquer.blogspot.com

She was my inspiration. For this mani. :) and here is my version:

In natural light, outside

inside with flash

What I used:
Sinful Colors- Snow me white
Funky Fingers - Cayman island
Color Club- Lava Lamp
Finger Paints - Black expressionism
I used image plate m12 for the ring finger.

Sorry for the crappy picture. I took it with my cell.

Also, today I received nail mail from Jennifer, of the Exotic Laquer.
Her blog is theexoticlaquer.blogspot.com
She sent me Wet n wild blue wants to be a millionaire and wet and wild Night prowl. I can't wait to layer blue wants to be a millionaire over black.

Well, I think that's all for today, that was a really long post. Sorry to bore you. ;)
Have a great day.

Daily Spanish word:
Mariposa - Butterfly. <3

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  1. These looks great Brie! I love the accent. (: I'm so happy I could be inspiration. It makes me happy.


  2. Thank you. :)
    I'm Sorry I misspelled your name. That was embarrassing. :/


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