May 22, 2012

Marimoon Skittles

Hello! Today I decided to do some swatches, which I hardly ever do but, I just couldn't bring myself to cover up such awesomeness! I'm very fortunate to have these because in the United States they are not sold. These babies came all the way from Brazil from my dear friend Mayra (thank you Mayra) She and I exchanged polishes. I sent her brands that are not available in Brazil and she sent me polished that are not available in the US. Here are four of those polished that she sent me.
I used :
2 coats of each over
Opi-Black onyx
Hits-Chameleon (Pointer)
Hits-Daring (Middle)
Hits-Dreamer (Ring)
Hits-Uncontroversial (Pinky)

This is only 4 of the 8 If you are interested in seeing the others you can google photos just search Marimoon collection. There are a lot of really good swatches, way better than mine.

Hope you enjoy your day! And as you can see I took like a thousand photos. Lol


  1. Woaw, they look absolutely gorgeous! And I like that i can read your blog properly now, your pictures don't get mixed anymore with whatever was on the right hand side bar... :)

  2. Lovely!! I think I would die if I wore these as skittles!! I would'nt be able to pay attention to anything else!


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