Sep 5, 2011

4 and 5 of 31

Good morning ladies and happy labor day! Yesterday I didn't post but, I have my green swatches to make up for it.

For day 4, the color was green. The green I chose was Kleancolor- Military green which is a forest green creme.

Isn't it beautiful!

For day 5, the color was blue. I chose a brand that I had never used before, Republic Nail polish. I purchased this polish at a nail salon and was charged 9 a bottle, I purchased 3. I had no idea that these were sold at Walgreens for 2/5. I am very very pissed that the salon charged me that price. I called the polish company and asked them why I had been charged so much and she said that it it for the handlers fee. She went on to tell me that she could sell the polish to me for 2.50 if I purchased $300 or more of polish. So, I have learned my lesson on purchasing polish brands at nail salons that I am unfamiliar with. Okay, my vent is over now..Sorry! Lol

Anyways, back to day 5.

Republic Nail- Cosmos blue

It's supposes to glow in the dark but, I couldn't get it to hold the charge long enough to pack a photo.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Spanish words of the day:
Blue - Azul

Green - Verde

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