Sep 26, 2011

24 of 31

Hi ladies! Very quick apologetic post today. I'm sorry but I didn't do any manis for day 23 or 25. I'm sorry really, I will try to get back on the ball ASAP! I really hate letting you all down. But I really appreciate you all who actually view and read my blog daily, and to show my appreciation, I will be doing a reader appreciation gviewaay soon. And Yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose.

Anyways, in the the mani.

Todays theme is to create a mani inspired by fashion.

My mani is called the Mannequin manicure, because the polish you use is supposed to match your skin tone then have a matte coat over it to look like "skin". I first saw this mani in the fb group I'm in called Face and friends. I can't remember who posted it to give them credit but, if you know, comment below please! Ps, I added glitter and only matted one finger.

So, here it is:

I'm really surprises the polish was so awesome to be from one of those Walmart holiday packages. The package was $7 and came with 7 polishes (no names), 7 blushes, 7 Eyeshadows and 7 lip and eye liners. I actually purchased this before I became obsessed with polish. Anyways...I'm very chatty tonight and its already after 2o'clock and I HAVE to go to sleep soon..

Spanish word of the day:
Sleep - Dormir
Door - mere

Thank you and gave a great day.

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  1. Cute blog! And very cute color polish! =] I'm you're hundreth follower! Yay me/you!! LOL.


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