Aug 12, 2011


Hello my Pretties! How is everyone today? Im good. :) Just super ready for the weekend, which ill be spending by working. :) More money, more polish!

Today I have a very simple mani. It is really good for those days you feel lazy but you still want your nails to look awesome!
I used:
OPI DS Signature
OPI Ink (used for accent finger stamp)
OPI Ink Suede
BN plate 221

Sorry, I took the photos with my phone camera, you can't really see the holoness of Signature.

It's so pretty. :)

Spanish word of the day:
Ice cream - Nieve
(It's only 11:44am and I've already ate a lot. Ha ha)

Have a wonderful weekend beautifuls. :)

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  1. I always knew ice cream as helado, interesante! Prettyyyy polish!!! :)

  2. Actually Emily, you're right! But, you can also use nieve. It all depends on who you're asking. My bf us Mexican and he's always said it like that. :) Pero, cuando yo estaba en la escuela, la maestra nos enseñó a decir helado. :)


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